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Ad Serving:-

Web masters - do you administer a web site that correlates well with education-related sectors? We provides publishers with the opportunity to earn significant extra revenue from un-sold ad space. Active campaigns concentrate on a pay-per-performance model. Our programs provide some of the most lucrative CPL campaigns currently being run on the Internet.

We have long standing relationships with 100's of key College and Universities in the education industry, we are the perfect medium to match advertisers with publishers.

Any one can join :-

We provide affiliate programs for all types of web sites. Link directly to a business school site which lists hundreds of business schools in each state or simply link to a major college search engine which lists thousands of colleges by curriculum or state.

Lead Rates :-

Lead Commission Starts from $5 to $ 30 per lead, regardless quantity of leads. Easy online link code generation tool to facilitate affiliates for copy paste link, no coding requires on your part except basic html coding.

We are dedicated to providing the best commission structures and ad-serving technology. We do not provide any exclusive contracts and you may cancel your affiliation with us at anytime.

Commission Payment :-

Checks are mailed monthly once you have generated $50 USD in revenue. A full-time support team is available during normal working hours to answer any questions you may have regarding billing or reporting.

Lead Tracking :-

We are dedicated to providing accurate and current statistics and information. Statistical reports show in-depth details regarding impressions, clicks, CTR and commissions. Real time statistics of lead, know for which College and University you get Successful Lead (commission) and in what date/period range .

Referral Program :-

We currently provide a two-tier (2nd Tier) program, which enables revenue generation on two levels. Every time a prospective web master is referred to and joins the Search4Clicks network, the original referrer will receive a generous percentage of the activities the referral has produced.

What else we need to prove our legitimate in Online Education Affiliate market.

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