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March 2010

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PhD Graduate of Capella University, an Accredited Online University
a PhD graduate of Capella University, an accredited online university that has built its reputation by providing high quality online degree programs for working adults, has been named dean of the School of Business for the East Central Region of Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana. Evelyn-Dorsey, who graduated from Capella’s online PhD degree program for Leadership for Higher Education, is responsible for all accounting, business administration, computer information systems, courses, students and faculty within Ivy Tech Community College’s School of Business...

Joyner plans online school to cater to historically black colleges
Joyner, during his speech at the Fayetteville State University Chancellor's luncheon, said the online school would be called and would open its doors to new students as early as January 2011.

Green Home Design University Online
This Green Home Design University focuses on home design, although the topics discussed have broader applicability. One of the premier features reviewed is Rand Soellner Architect’s Green Gauge, which is a very interesting interactive software program he invented. It allows clients, contractors and other architects to “build” their home design projects on the Green Gauge for free, testing the “greenness” of the materials and systems selected. A free report is provided at the conclusion of that particular study, for your project files.

Pros and cons of Online education
Cheap forms of online education degrees are a way to speed up the process of your education. There are a number of people who believe that knowledge is the only thing that can in fact not be taken away from us. To be successful in life it is important that we have a complete set of knowledge with us related to our subject. This is one prime reason why most parents work day and night so they can afford sending their kids to some of the best educational centers. But that certainly does not mean that if you just don’t have enough resources then you might not be able to complete your education. There are a number of students who are in fact very much intelligent but due to lack of finance never have an opportunity to attend regular college education...

How to Choose a College Degree Online
With the popularity of online education as the alternative option for students to pursue their college degree, most colleges are making their degree programs available online. For anyone who is interested in earning a degree without the need to travel back and forth daily to the school, online college degree program is a good option for them. Many students tend to think that choosing a degree online is an easy job, with a few clicks they get registered for their favorite courses. Things do not go as simple as that, there are a few important considerations you need to carefully take into account in selecting a college degree online...

How to Choose a College Degree Online
Earning your Masters degree adds to your knowledge base and the skills you need to succeed in your chosen field of work and may increase your earning potential. Masters degree programs generally focus on coursework or research and require that you’ve already obtained your bachelor’s degree. Online Masters degree programs are also becoming more specialized within fields of study. For example, if you do choose to pursue an MBA, you may have the option of focusing on international business. This trend is starting to take hold in areas as well and as more employers begin recognizing the value of online education, these specialized programs are likely to increase in number...

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