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September 2009

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Master of Science Degree Criminal Justice
In answer to student demand and a growing interest in criminal justice, Grand Canyon University (GCU) will begin offering a master of science degree in the subject beginning in spring 2010. "Criminal justice is one of our more popular programs for incoming students, and has been a growing area of interest over the past decade," said GCU Dean of College of Liberal Arts Lisa St. Louis.

Textbook shopping? Read these money-saving tips
It's bad enough to pay thousands of dollars a year to send a child to college. But there's more: Many students and parents don't realize how much they'll also have to spend on textbooks. The cost of textbooks has soared in recent years, and many campuses now estimate that students will spend upward of $1,500 annually on course materials, according to the College Board. Those apt to be hit hardest are students at low-cost community colleges, where the collective cost of textbooks often exceeds tuition. How can you cut your book costs? Start with your instructors, ...

why the US needs more e-colleges
... Now the results of a recent federal study should help "log out" of that tired debate. The study, released by the US Department of Education, found that many types of online education for a college degree are better at raising student achievement than face-to-face teaching is... The most effective learning occurs when a school combines e-learning with classroom teaching. Yet for many students, such as stay-at-home parents or those with day jobs or those with low income, online learning is all they can afford in time or money...

Accelerated online degree program to benefit non-traditional students
This new program will target adult learners who may need to find a new degree or change careers, Nancy Prater, director of marketing and communication for distance education, said. ..

Applications increase despite recession
Despite an ongoing national recession, applications to Penn State for the 2009-2010 school year increased by six percent, admissions officials said Thursday. With 20 campuses offering admission to incoming freshmen, Penn State received 68,000 undergraduate applications for this school year, said Anne Rohrbach, executive director of undergraduate admissions.

Excellence in FHSU's online BBA program
Innovative online education solutions at affordable prices are a hallmark of Fort Hays State University. Through it's Virtual College, FHSU is proud to offer 29 online degree programs with exceptional depth and outstanding faculty at a price that won't break the bank. has recently recognized FHSU's Bachelor of Business Administration program as the nation's No. 4 Best Buy in online business or management education. surveyed 83 regionally accredited colleges and universities that offer a total of 391 online bachelor's degrees related to a business or management major. The survey revealed that online students should be prepared to pay as much as a total of $103,500 to earn a distance learning BBA.

College Textbooks: Shop Around, Ask & Save
It's that magical time of year, when the bright, shining faces of college freshmen fall as they take their first look at modern textbook prices. Reader S., a manager at a college bookstore, read our post yesterday about custom college bookstore "packets" used to prevent students from purchasing their textbooks used. He sent us some tips about how to spot and avoid special profit-seeking textbook bundles, and how to actually save some money by...purchasing from the college bookstore?.

Checklists for Parents of College Students
Among the emails responding to my post about sending your son to college were two lists. The first is from Houston Dougharty, vice-president for Student Affairs at Grinnell College, who has spent much of his 24-year career advising parents on how to prepare their children (and themselves) for this new chapter. There are five things you must talk about before your kids leave (or shortly thereafter, if you read this and feel the need to play catch up…) he writes...

A Social Network for the Unemployed
During the last U.S. recession in 2001, the newly unemployed often gathered to trade horror stories and job-seeking tips at groups like the Five O’Clock Club. During this recession, of course, the newly unemployed swap stories online, particularly on social networks. But, for at least one social network for the jobless — the The 405 Club, named in honor of the $405 a week maximum given out in New York unemployment checks –online is not enough. They still like to meet in person, occasionally.

College plans for green courses
Posted date: 7/29/2009. Glendale Community College officials are gearing up to offer a new training program in green technology education after receiving a $100,000 state grant to develop an online curriculum. Administrators will use the funds to craft online distance-learning courses that will help students prepare for jobs related to renewable energy technology as part of the state’s pilot program to put more people to work in what is expected to be a growing industry

Grand Canyon Education
As of June 30, GCU had 27,622 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree students, compared with 16,510 a year earlier. Of those, 26,234 are online students, while 1,388 take classes on the Phoenix campus. Its online student population has nearly doubled from 14,847 during the same period in 2008, while the number of students at the campus is down from 1,663. As its online enrollment continues to increase, GCU plans to hire more than 750 part-time online faculty and more than 500 counselors and technical support specialists before the end of this year. The new hires will include about 180 enrollment counselors to recruit students. GCU has 1,100 part-time online faculty now, in addition to 60 full-time faculty who teach classes at its 95-acre campus in Phoenix.

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