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  1. Student loan:- You may find college expenses higher than your income or earnings, don't worry, look around for students loan, check with 2-3 lenders and than go with one suitable to you (do not get suitable with lenders, let lenders suitable with you!)

  2. Scholarship:- There is various organizations pubic or private that help students by providing scholarships, you can utilize them for your higher education, and scholarships are available throughout your college education. A number of privately operated scholarship search services charge fees ranging from $50 to over $500 to aid you in locating scholarships, often with varying degrees of success. Here are some sources of free scholarships information.

  3. Earn while you learn:- Online universities and colleges offers online courses allow for 100% flexibility so students need not suffer from loss of earnings. Some online universities offer an option of paying for the course in monthly installments. This makes it even more manageable to pay off the tuition fees.
Following industries may see good increase in employment & salaries (2006-2016)
  • Education & Health Service
  • : - (This industry super sector projected to grow by 18.8%)
  • Professional & Business Service
  • : - (Includes in one of the fastest growing sector in US grow by 23.3% and add 4.1 million new jobs)
  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • : - Overall employment will growth by 14.3% & arts, entertainment & recreation will grow by 30.9% and add 595,000 new jobs by 2016.
  • Trade, Transportation & Utilities
  • : - Retail trade industry will generate 700,000 new jobs by 2016. Transportation and warehousing service sector expected to increase 496,000 jobs by 2016.
  • Financial Activities
  • : - Employment is projected to grow 14.4% over 2016. Real estate and rental and leasing are expected to add 392,000 jobs over 2016. Finance & insurance are expected to add 815,000 jobs over 2016.
  • Other services (except government & private households)
  • : - About 2 out of every 5 new jobs will be in religious organizations. Other automotive repair and maintenance will be the fastest growing industry at 40.7%,
  • Government
  • : - Government employment (excluding public education and hospitals) expected to create 10.8 million to 11.3 million jobs over 2016.
  • Information
  • : - Employment expected to increase by 6.9% and adding 212,000 by 2016.
Service providing industry can expect to account for approx. 15.7 million job generating over 2006-16.

Some of best college degrees lead to high-paying jobs:
  • Chemical Engineering ($86,930 to $124,300)
  • Computer Engineering ($77,0800 to $$105,980)
  • Electrical Engineering ($60,900 to $103,000)
  • Aerospace Engineering ($57,700 to $101,000)
  • Financial Managers ($88,130 to $149,470)
  • Industrial Engineering ($75,090 to $$104,490)
  • Mechanical Engineering ($72,440 to $108,740)
    All data (2007)
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