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Westwood College Online
Westwood College Online offers 20 degree programs, ranging from Business Administration to Criminal Justice to Game Art & Design. Our curriculum provides hands-on projects, incorporating some of the latest skills and technologies which you'll learn during your coursework. If you're interested in earning a college degree while maintaining your current lifestyle, the Westwood College-Online Campus can provide an engaging and flexible alternative. Our online school employs sophisticated multimedia technologies merged with a rich history of excellence in career education to offer a virtual learning opportunity tailored to meet individual needs.
  • Associate Degree in Business Administration
    Employers are constantly looking for qualified candidates who understand the different functions within a business. A Westwood College associate degree in business administration will provide you with the skills and qualifications necessary to start your career by teaching you the fundamentals of business, including elements of accounting, marketing, human resources, small business management and advanced business software. Plus, it is a great jump-start to your bachelor's degree.

    Program training features include:
    • case studies to teach real-life scenarios
    • courses in all areas of business to teach versatility and critical thinking
    • the use of business simulations, business plan formatting and other applications to teach managerial skills

    Course Information
    A business administration degree opens up a world of possibilities. Course topics include:
    • Principles of Accounting I
    • Introduction to Business
    • Principles of Management
    • Principles of Marketing
    • Essentials of Project Management
    • Advanced Business Software Applications

    Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:
    • Demonstrate proficiency with software applications common in business
    • Illustrate how ethical issues influence behavior in a business environment
    • Discuss how the basic business functions of accounting finance, human resources, operations, and marketing are interconnected
    • Describe the management practices used for planning, organizing, and controlling operations in an organization

    Locations offering this degree::- California (Anaheim Campus - Anaheim, Inland Empire Campus - Upland, Los Angeles, CA South Bay Campus - Torrance); Georgia (Atlanta Midtown Campus, Atlanta Northlake Campus); Colorado (Denver North Campus, CO Denver South Campus); Virginia (Annandale Campus - Annandale, VA and Arlington Ballston Campus - Arlington, VA); and Online Campus
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Kaplan University Online
This professionally focused program prepares you for business management and corporate leadership. As a graduate of this program you will be qualified for high-level employment opportunities in finance, marketing, operations, management of information systems, and human resources.

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Kaplan University Online

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Westwood College

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