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Human Resource Management Degree Programs

Search online bachelor degree programs in human resources, human resource management and labor relations. Associate and Bachelor of Business Administration degrees are available from accredited universities and colleges.

Why career in Human Resources?: A career in Human Resources is a perfect opportunity for people seeking long-term growth and stability. The government predicts that the HR sector will grow faster-than-average through at least the year 2014. Aside from financial security, a career in Human Resources is a great way to help people succeed.

Online Universities & Colleges Degree Programs for Human Resource Management in Business

These days there are a lot of developments in the education field. Furthermore, this has provided vast scopes to the upcoming youth. Scholars who are very talented and are willing to get hold of Associate?s degree are free to select the Universities and colleges of their choice.

Searching the university or college for human-resource management is become easy as many colleges are offering online training for their distant learning students. The degree programs offered by these colleges are equally valid like the regular or authorized institutes. However, admission terms could be little different of such universities, though the online colleges are turning the preference for most of the students.

The universities and colleges offering online services are providing new models of enrollment in courses such as Associates, Bachelors (BA & BS), MA, MS, Phd, MBA & different certificate?programs. Talking about the known or big universities there are countless organizations in America offering online coaching and certifications in many courses. These universities are better option for distance courses, though some universities are specialized in associate courses so students looking for such programs can go for these online academies. The finest features of these colleges are they are member of NCA (North Central Association). Some of the academies are 30+ years old, and the courses offered by the associations are mainly based with health care administration and business studies. However, few courses for criminal justice, visual communications and information technology are available too.

There are many other online universities offering the courses. Online universities from USA are more popular and all time demanding for online courses. Students enrolling to these universities can get two year degrees in IT sectors (web design and computer science), MBA program, and human resource management. Learners who are searching for degree programs of less than 2 years will also get the reputed universities or colleges for their better career. Account students can also enroll to these universities to get the certification in specialized fields.

The colleges from USA are offering online 2 year degree courses as well. Associate degree programs are major subjects in these colleges. The BA and BS courses are conducted by these colleges are more in demand. The huge list of online university allows students to get admission in the courses of their choice, though students must check the course details before enrolling to any university. Getting admission in big universities for on-line programs is possible through portals.

Searching over the internet will help the students to get the list of big online universities. Different nations and universities are offering the programs such as Laurea, Laurea Magistrale, Diploma di Specializzazione and Diploma in Master Universitario. These courses are equal to bachelor degree, Masters Degree in science, and two year specialized programs or certifications. There are some courses, which are similar like PHD courses.

HR management or human resources management courses are more beneficial in today's commercial industries. Presently, the huge scope for the career opportunity in HR increased the value of courses offered by many online centers. HRM (Human Resource Management) is very important part of the firm as the department is responsible for hiring people, training them and providing performance details of the employee. These are the basic responsibilities of HR department, but the most responsible job is workplace communication and safety of employees who come under the logistic and HR department. The online courses for HRM are providing necessary programs for all these features. Students who are enrolling to these programs must check the details of the course so that student can judge the value of certification of the college. Dispute management is the very important part of the course, and learner should check the controlling dispute course in the program.

Online colleges are full in demand, but the huge list of on-line universities requires some investigation of the college, and the courses offered by them. User must check the details of the college through various forums because the online portals and forums are providing complete and genuine information about the colleges and their programs. The comments about the course and colleges provided by different users help the student to evaluate the value of degree or program certification. Most of the forums are containing details about the dissimilar universities, and these comments are provided by either professional people or previous students of the colleges.

An online course through reputed university is best thing as the student has to check the course details and as per criteria, student can fill the admission form to enroll. This way learner can complete the degree program while sitting at home. The only required thing is finding the best online college for better education. This is possible with little research, which is again possible by searching over the internet. The big universities are providing details of their courses through legal websites. Students can easily become the member of these sites and gather the complete information about the college and university.

Reputed university offering programs for various courses such as PHD, IT, BA, BS and other certifications provide the complete detail about the program through their guidelines. User must check the details given on the respective websites of the university. This will help the learner to select the best college for their distant learning process.

Finding the best online Institute or college for any program requires research. User must surf through various sources to evaluate the University for Good Learning Courses.

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American InterContinental University Online
If you're researching accredited online universities than you are at right place as AIU Online is the award-winning, Web-based Virtual Campus of American InterContinental University, an institution of higher learning that has been providing innovative educational solutions to motivated professionals for over forty years. Human Resources degree program takes the real-world business skills taught and applies them to specific knowledge of the increasingly integral roles played by today's human resource Administrators. In this up-to-date, real-world curriculum, you will gain the knowledge related to recruitment, selection, team dynamics, compensation, benefits, and records management that can help prepare you to pursue interesting career opportunities such as Benefits Administrator, Personnel Recruiter, Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources Specialist and many other in-demand professions.
  • Bachelor's (BBA) - Human Resource Management:- AIU Online developed a Bachelor's degree with a specialization in Human Resource Management to provide a broad understanding of the role of HR and its relationship to employee productivity. This program is designed to help prepare students for such diverse and interesting career opportunities as: Corporate Recruiters, Training Specialists, Labor Relations Managers, Employee Benefits Managers and many other human resource related career paths. Current HR professionals may also find this degree valuable in helping them to upgrade their skills and prepare for advancement.

    The AIU Online BBA with a specialization in Human Resource Management program provides a solid foundation for the business professional by combining a core education in business; then focusing on critical topics in HR Management. With this degree individuals seeking or currently working in human resources will study subject areas such as:

    • Learn and facilitate team building and leadership skills
    • Build up a personal selection process for a specific job openings
    • Create performance expectations for a position and select methods of performance appraisals
    • Evaluate the current worth of a set of jobs and determine a compensation arrangement
    • Determine the best disciplinary solution for any given situation

    The BBA in Human Resource Management can be completed online with great flexibility. AIU is aware that focused professionals need to keep their knowledge and expertise current with industry standards in order to be acknowledged for their accomplishments and considered for the future, so AIU degree programs are updated to keep pace with the ever-changing theories and practices of their respective disciplines .The AIU community believes it has a special commitment to support each individual's goals and emphasis on the educational, professional, and personal growth of each student.
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  • MBA - Human Resource Management:- This Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program with a specialization in Human Resource Management is designed to provide interdisciplinary perspectives and practical applications in HR, integrating theory, practice and team-oriented learning. Coursework is structured to assist students in the development of their goals as they acquire a comprehensive core of business knowledge in addition to specialized knowledge and skills common to HR professionals.

    The goal of the MBA with a specialization in Human Resource Management is to provide an education that reflects modern employment issues, current trends and policies that affect personnel decisions in the modern corporate environment. Students will explore the interaction between strategy and human resources from a general managerial perspective.

    This Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). ACBSP accreditation certifies that the teaching and learning processes of these programs within the business school at American InterContinental University meet the rigorous educational standards established by ACBSP. ACBSP is a leading specialized accreditation association for business education supporting, celebrating, and rewarding teaching excellence.
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Ashford University Online
You'll find Ashford University®, founded in 1918, is an ideal choice for you whether you're a working adult or haven't yet completed your degree. Count on Ashford University to provide a high-quality degree program.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management: Human Resources:- Learn how to handle a company?s most precious resources. With your Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management degree earned online from Ashford University, you demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the human resources function within modern, complex organizations.

    No area of management has grown as fast as human resources. Business leaders increasingly seek experts in human resources as their partners in building their organizations. In this curriculum, you will learn about the ethical, legal, and social factors that shape today's workplace. Your courses cover a variety of subjects from recruitment and training to labor laws, compensation, and benefits.
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  • MBA: Human Resource Management:- Expand your academic knowledge and develop professional competence in managing organizational effectiveness when you add the Human Resources specialization to your Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree earned online from Ashford University. Combine major course credits with 9 credits in Human Resources Management for a more specialized degree with added value. Your Human Resources Management specialization will cover training and development, compensation and benefits, and strategies in human resources management. Delve into topics like workplace performance, including performance problems, and how the human resources function aligns with the vision, strategy, and values of organizations. Your focused specialization courses combined with the in-depth academic knowledge and professional competence you?ll gain from the major coursework will earn you an enhanced MBA degree.
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Berkeley College Online
Hiring the right people and effectively managing them are essential to the success of every major business and organization. Berkeley College?s Management program with a concentration in Human Resources gives students a clear understanding of strategies for attracting, developing, and retaining a skilled, motivated workforce.
  • Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.): Management - Human Resources Management
    • A curriculum that emphasizes principles of management, organizational behavior, and human resources management
    • Exploration of legal issues affecting employment policies
    • Insights on benefits administration and professional development
    • Courses and projects that explore staffing, employee and labor relations, compensation and benefits, and training and development
    • Hands-on experience with software used in human resources departments
    • Valuable, real-world experience through program-related, faculty-monitored internships or job-related assignments
    • A seamless transition between Associate?s and Bachelor?s degrees
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Colorado Technical University Online
Concentration in Human Resource Management, prepares students aspiring to succeed in the HR profession. The HR career segment is expanding rapidly and includes such diverse careers as Director of Human Resources, Compensation Manager, Professional Recruiter and more. The U.S. Department of Labor expects this field to grow by as much as 20% by 2010.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Human Resource Management:- CTU's Bachelor's (BSBA) in Human Resource Management is designed to prepare students with the necessary training to qualify for such positions as Employment & Placement Officer, Employer Relations Representative, Human Resources Manager, Occupational Analyst and many other satisfying careers.

    This online degree program will prepare graduates by focusing studies on topics such as the modern legal environment, customer service, management structure and processes and professional communication skills. Some of the courses in this program include: Building Effective Teams, Compensation and Benefits, Workforce Effectiveness, Legal Issues in HRM, Employee Training and Development, and Labor Relations.

    CTU Online students with no previous college experience can complete this online degree program in about 2 1/2 years. Students with prior college credit, military experience or an Associate's Degree may be eligible for the CTU Online Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program. In some cases, this may shorten the length of the program to as little as 17 months. You can earn eight CTU Academic Certificates as you work toward the completion of your Bachelor's (BSBA) in HR Management without adding classes or increasing tuition.

    CTU cannot guarantee employment or salary.

    *The 17-month Bachelor's degree assumes that all Associate-level requirements have been met through an Associate degree or the equivalent. Program length varies by program.
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Capella University Online
Further your career in human resources with a degree online. Capella University's degree specializations give students the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the complex, challenging field of human resource management, performance improvement, and training. Specializations available
  • BS - Human Resource Management:- Over the last decade, the human resource function has moved beyond personnel management and development to become a strategic cornerstone in many organizations, increasing the need for professionals with specialized human resources skills, as well as a sound foundation of general business skills. This Human Resource Management bachelor's specialization provides an overview of key business areas to increase your ability to effectively partner with other functions and contribute to your company?s success. People who choose this specialization are often pursuing entry-level or senior specialist positions in recruitment, compensation, benefits, labor relations, and other human resources fields.

    An enrollment counselor can help you determine whether previous course work may transfer into our degree programs. Non-classroom learning may also be eligible for credit through our Prior Learning Assessment Process.
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  • MS - General Human Resource Management:- Today's human resource managers are increasingly viewed as strategic business partners and are expected to contribute both specialized HR knowledge and a broad understanding of business needs and strategies. This General Human Resource Management master?s specialization is designed to help you deepen your human resources subject matter expertise and strengthen your ability to think beyond functional boundaries, positioning yourself to become an important partner in developing and implementing workplace strategies that deliver business results. People likely to be interested in the General Human Resource Management specialization include mid-level HR professionals and managers who wish to advance in their professions and become strategic leaders in their organizations.
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  • DBA - Human Resource Management:- Expand your opportunities and enhance the performance of organizations by gaining the knowledge and skills needed to teach, consult, lead, practice, and conduct research in the field of human resource management. Building on a comprehensive core curriculum of leadership, research, strategy, and ethics, this doctoral specialization focuses on diverse demographic and cultural perspectives, the influence of new technologies on the workplace, and the impact of the dynamic external work environment on human resource management practices. Gain an international perspective that can enable you to integrate theory and practice in addressing global workforce issues. Explore the influence of multidisciplinary theories on current human resource management practices to construct a foundation that you can apply to your own business or research. Evaluate research and best practices that foster an innovative workplace and attract, develop, and retain talent in organizations. Find opportunities for collaboration, enrich your learning experience, and expand your professional network through meaningful connections with faculty and fellow students?in your courses, through specially designed social networking opportunities, and at face-to-face residencies. An optional international field experience offers further networking opportunities and provides firsthand experience of the many ways culture impacts the global business operations. A prescribed course sequence, built-in dissertation milestones, and focused mentoring create a clear path toward completing the degree in three years. People who choose this specialization are often pursuing leadership, consulting, or faculty positions in the field of human resources and employee development.
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  • PHD in Org and Mgmt – Human Resource Management:- Explore and challenge the latest thinking of expert human resource theorists while conducting your own doctoral research to advance the field of human resources. This Human Resource Management PhD specialization is designed to prepare you to lead, consult, or teach in the field of human resources within a complex and global business environment. You will explore and create practical solutions to real-world problems, and prepare yourself to think beyond traditional business boundaries to become a strategic business partner in leading and managing your organization's human assets. People who choose this specialization are often pursuing leadership, consulting, or faculty positions in the field of human resources and employee development.

    The residential colloquia experience: As a doctoral learner, you will attend three five-day colloquia at specific stages in your program, in addition to your online courses. These energizing residencies provide you with insights and knowledge that will be valuable during your doctoral studies and beyond.
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  • MBA – Human Resource Management:- Human resource managers are increasingly recognized as important contributors to overall business success. This MBA specialization in Human Resource Management is designed to strengthen your ability to perform this strategic role. The emphasis is on immediate application of the knowledge, competencies, and skills necessary to integrate business and human resource strategies. People who choose this specialization are often interested in pursuing human resource management positions in a business setting.
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Kaplan University - Online
Prepares you for human resources positions in both the public and private sector, you will find opportunities in corporate human resources departments, employment agencies and government and labor organizations. Kaplan University offers a broad selection of programs that address the career goals of working adults from a variety of professional disciplines. Kaplan University gives you the control to schedule your education. There are no job interruptions, travel expenses or hours spent searching the campus map. You can go to class anytime, anywhere 24/7. The flexibility and dynamic interaction of online education at Kaplan University also allows for innovative web-based learning opportunities via message boards, online readings, academic exercises and web field trips.
  • BSBA - Human Resources:- Consider the human resources career focus area if your desired position requires a thorough understanding of employment practices, personnel administration, employee training, compensation, and benefits.*

    *Kaplan University's programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue employment in their field of study, or in related fields. However, the University does not guarantee that graduates will be placed in any particular job, eligible for career advancement opportunities, or employed at all. Additional training or certification may be required.
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  • MBA/Human Resources Management:- Pursue the education that could help you direct corporate human resources departments.* Topics include hiring practices, training, corporate policies, communications, and executive leadership.

    *Kaplan University's programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue employment in their field of study, or in related fields. However, the University does not guarantee that graduates will be placed in any particular job, eligible for career advancement opportunities, or employed at all. Additional training or certification may be required.
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  • MSM - Human Resources:- Study human resources development (HRD) management processes from a strategic HR perspective. Analyze theories and practices as they relate to human and organizational development. Review major internal and external factors that affect employee behavior. Define the evaluation methods used in HRD, while discussing organizational structure. Identify and describe basic workplace competencies.
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Keiser College eCampus
Online learning is not impersonal at Keiser University. From admissions to faculty, Keiser University staff is dedicated to student care. Keiser University Online offers degrees in fields that are in demand and provides job placement assistance to all its students and alumni. Keiser research trends for growing fields and tailor our curriculum to prepare students for entry and advancement to rewarding careers. Keiser University Offers Scholarships to All Qualified Active Duty Personnel, Retirees, and Dependants. Keiser University’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration prepares students for a career in business. Students are offered a well-rounded business education with management, marketing, finance, accounting, statistics and law courses. In addition, students select concentrationin Human Resource Management, this concentration allow students to specialize in a business discipline and enhance their career opportunities within that field.
  • Business Adminstration, BA - Human Resources:- Keiser University's Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration provides instruction to ensure that students have the analytical skills, communication skills, and academic knowledge to be able to: interpret and convey financial information; make business decisions based on value of money, investment and capitalization options; make marketing decisions geared towards meeting customer needs; formulate strategy, plans, and policies to meet organizational goals and objectives; and to develop and locate the resources necessary to insure successful management of a business. Students will use computer and software applications necessary to prosper in a business environment. Emphasis on business professionalism, entrepreneurship, leadership skills and strategic thinking will prepare graduates for a career in the dynamic world of business. Program available with majors in: Finance, Human Resources, International Business & Trade, Management, and Marketing. All coursework is offered online, giving you the freedom to complete your studies anytime, anywhere.
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National American University Online
Human resources managers are becoming an integral part of every industry's operation and success. Training and development, benefits and compensations, and employment law are some of the key courses for this program. You will be better prepared to handle various aspects of employment including compensation, benefits, training and development, or employee relations.
  • Business Administration emphasis in Human Resource Management B.S:- Business Administration emphasis in Human Resource Management, B.S. The human resources management emphasis prepares graduates of the program to excel in either a human resources department or in an upper level management position. Most companies today value a manager who has mastered human resource knowledge in addition to strong business skills. Graduates of this program can expect to find careers in wide range of management and human resource positions including: Training and Development Specialist Human Resources Generalist Human Resources Manager Compensation and Benefits Specialist Human Resources Director Business Administration B.S. with an emphasis in Human Resource Management is offered at the following locations: Online Albuquerque Brooklyn Center Bloomington Colorado Springs Denver Overland Park Rapid City Rio Rancho Roseville Watertown Wichita

    A National American University online education is a great fit for busy adults. With prior work, you can earn your degree in as little as 12 months. Our philosophy has earned us the distinction in regionally accredited online programs.
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  • Master of Management with emphasis in Human Resources Management:- The Master of Management (MM) degree program is designed to help you develop a well-rounded portfolio of management knowledge, skills, and abilities and a holistic view of the organization. The curriculum provides you with both a practical and a theoretical grounding in business, management and leadership, along with the opportunity for specialization in an area that coincides with your professional aspirations.

    This emphasis program is for students who are interested in human resources management as their career choice. Human resources managers are becoming an integral part of every industry's operation and success. Training and development, benefits and compensations, and employment law are some of the key courses for this program.

    An NAU online education is a great fit for busy adults. With prior work, you can earn your degree in as little as 12 months. Our philosophy has earned us the distinction in regionally accredited online programs

    You can enroll in NAU graduate classes completely online or a combination of both on-campus and online to complete your degree. The blended model of learning offers you the face-to-face support that campuses offer, while still providing the convenience of taking classes online. This gives you the flexibility to schedule completion of your degree program to best fit your busy lifestyle since you'll have access to learning 24 hours a day from anywhere the Internet can be accessed.
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Herzing University Online
Herzing College has modern computer labs, electronics labs, lecture rooms, and a library and resource center all dedicated to providing students with the tools necessary to find exciting careers in their fields of study.
Campus : Atlanta- GA, Madison- WI, Minneapolis Drafting School, Lakeland Medical Dental Academy, New Orleans, Orlando- FL, Laval, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto.
Herzing College’s Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources Management is designed to provide an understanding of the role of human resources management and its relationship to employee productivity while building a solid base of general business knowledge.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a Concentration in Human Resource Development:- The Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resource Development degree program is designed to provide an understanding of the role of human resources management and its relationship to employee productivity while building a solid base of general business knowledge. The program prepares the students with the necessary skills and academic knowledge for entry-level human resource management positions. These career opportunities may be in the areas of employee staffing; recruitment and selection; compensation and benefits; training; or employee relations.

    Herzing University admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.
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  • Master of Business Administration in Human Resources:- An MBA in Human Resources can put you in a great position for career growth in one of today's fastest growing fields. Overall employment in human resources, training, and labor relations occupations is projected to grow by 22% by 2018. Legislation and court rulings revising standards in occupational safety and health, equal employment opportunity, wages, health care, retirement plans, and family leave, among others, will increase demand for all professionals with a bachelor's degree. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a master's degree or MBA is highly recommended for those seeking general and management jobs.

    Upon completion of your MBA in Human Resources, you'll be fully prepared to handle a wide range of well-paid positions. Sample career titles include:

    • Human Resources Manager
    • Compensation and Benefits Manager
    • Training and Development Specialist
    • Employment, Recruitment, and Placement Specialist
    • Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialist

    Herzing University admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin

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