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Westwood College Online
Westwood College Online offers 20 degree programs, ranging from Business Administration to Criminal Justice to Game Art & Design. Our curriculum provides hands-on projects, incorporating some of the latest skills and technologies which you'll learn during your coursework. If you're interested in earning a college degree while maintaining your current lifestyle, the Westwood College-Online Campus can provide an engaging and flexible alternative. Our online school employs sophisticated multimedia technologies merged with a rich history of excellence in career education to offer a virtual learning opportunity tailored to meet individual needs.
  • Business Administration: Major in Accounting - Bachelor Degree
    Nothing plays a larger role in business than money. If numbers drive you, a degree in business administration: major in accounting may be for you. With this type of degree, you'll help manage and budget the finances of a company or an individual. A Westwood College degree will help prepare you for a financial services career by teaching you the fundamentals of business along with essential accounting skills.

    Program training features include:
    • a curriculum that covers areas of individual, corporate, nonprofit and government accounting
    • fundamentals of cost accounting course that focuses on developing decision-making skills vital to being an effective accounting professional
    • instruction in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) as set forth by the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Boards (FASAB)
    • a capstone course to demonstrate real-world application of accounting knowledge and skills to potential employers

    Course Information
    A business administration: major in accounting degree opens up a world of possibilities. Course topics include:
    • Principles of Accounting I and II
    • Fundamentals of Cost Accounting
    • Essentials of Project Management
    • Introduction to Finance
    • Auditing
    • Corporate Tax

    Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:
    • Illustrate how ethical issues influence behavior in a business environment
    • Demonstrate proficiency with software applications common in business
    • Use accounting information to report business performance and make business decisions
    • Describe the management practices used for planning, organizing, and controlling operations in an organization.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the generally accepted accounting principles, and the bodies that oversee accounting standards
    • Discuss how the basic business functions of accounting, finance, human resources, operations, and marketing are interconnected

    Locations offering this degree: are in California, Georgia, Illinois and Virginia.
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Capella University Online
Capella business programs are aligned with industry standards and key professional organizations, so you can take practical solutions directly from your courses into the workplace. Capella's reputation in business education is respected: Johnson & Johnson, Farmers Insurance Group, and US Bank are among more than 100 organizations that recommend Capella University to their employees. Request more information

Kaplan University Online
At Kaplan University, our comprehensive online business degree programs are taught by practicing professionals who impart proven concepts, methods, and practices through a variety of online learning techniques. Study to update your knowledge and acquire diverse skills in communication, mathematics and reasoning, and management that will enable you to become a leader in today's continuously evolving global business marketplace. Complete your coursework online anytime, anywhere, and take charge of your future. Kaplan University's online business degree and certificate programs can provide you with the momentum to take your business career to a higher level. Request more information

Keiser University eCampus Online
Keiser University’s Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration prepares students for a career in business. Students are offered a well-rounded business education with management, marketing, finance, accounting, statistics and law courses. Request more information

National American University Online
Excellent choice if you are seeking a broad understanding of business. You will be qualified for a wide range of challenging management positions in business, government and non-profit organizations. Want to start your own business? Get sound background of understanding what it takes to be your own boss.

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