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Certificate Programs in Human Resources

Search online certificate programs in human resources, human resource management and labor relations. Certificate in human resources management are available from accredited universities and colleges.

Why career in Human Resources?: A career in Human Resources is a perfect opportunity for people seeking long-term growth and stability. The government predicts that the HR sector will grow faster-than-average through at least the year 2014. Aside from financial security, a career in Human Resources is a great way to help people succeed.

Brandman University Online

Since 1958, Brandman University has been serving the unique needs of adults by providing students access to a quality education consistent with the needs of their busy lives. Brandman University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificates, teaching credentials and extended education programs online and at campuses throughout California and Washington. Over 6,000 students per session enjoy convenient class times, exceptional faculty and unparalleled student service.

Graduate Certificates
  • Global Human Resources:- Designed for human resources practitioners and those working outside the field, this 15-unit graduate Global Human Resources certificate program will help you understand the critical human resource issues involved in a global business environment. Subject matter includes the effects of technological changes on human resources, examination of the structures of multinational corporations, comparisons of country-specific HR management practices, international staffing, compensation and benefits, and alternative dispute resolution.

  • Human Resources:- The Graduate Certificate in Human Resources is designed for human resource practitioners and those working outside of human resources who are seeking ways to effectively manage human resources. The practical 15-unit curriculum expands your knowledge of current and relevant techniques for diagnosing and solving organizational issues. This course work can be applied to the Master's in Human Resources program.

  • Human Resources Management:- Designed for human resources practitioners and those working outside the field, this 15-unit graduate certificate program will expand your knowledge of current and relevant techniques for diagnosing and solving critical organizational issues. Subject matter includes human resources systems, training and development, compensation and benefits.
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Post University Online
Post University's, a fully accredited University, dynamic Certificate in Human Resource Management prepares tomorrow's leaders for careers in this growing field. Students can customize the certificate to meet their individual needs by choosing classes from our specialized curriculum in a program that is both flexible and convenient. Topics covered in your online human resource management certificate program include compensation, benefits, communication dynamics, establishing human resource systems, and labor and employment law.
  • Dynamic Certificate: Human Resource Management:- The Post University Human Resource Management Certificate program provides the knowledge and practical skills for career enhancement and job advancement in Human Resource management. The focus is on current business and personnel management systems, and participants learn how to successfully meet the challenges encountered in today's competitive business environments.
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Virginia College online
The Human Resource Management program is designed to prepare human resource professionals to deal with the complexities and challenges of managing today’s workforce. A career in Human Resources Management puts you on the front line in today's fast-paced business world. You'll work in an exciting environment, helping companies manage their most valuable resource: their employees. Request more information

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