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Criminal Justice Certificate Programs Online

Acquiring knowledge of the law and legal processes may increase your marketability when competing for jobs in a variety of career fields. An increasing number of large and small businesses are reducing costs by hiring legal specialists to handle routine tasks once performed by lawyers.

Criminal Justice Certificate programs

  • Corrections Certificate:- If you want to pursue entry-level positions in a corrections facility, or want to advance in your current corrections career, Kaplan University's online Corrections Certificate program may provide you with the necessary skills and credentials to excel in this rapidly growing, increasingly complex career field. Study the U.S court system and contemporary legal issues in prisons, jails, and other correctional facilities. Also explore the administrative and operational aspects of corrections in the United States, with a focus on topics such as inmate rights, correctional staffing, overcrowding, and privatization.

  • Crime Scene Technician Certificate:- Police and other law enforcement agencies depend on the expertise of professional crime scene technicians to uncover evidence that will stand up in a court of law. This meticulous process requires a keen eye, an analytical mind, and dedication to cracking the case. According to federal government sources, career opportunities for crime scene technicians are expected to increase at a rate much faster than average. Technicians who work for state public safety departments can look forward to a favorable employment market.

  • Management and Supervision Certificate in Criminal Justice:- If you have an associate's degree or have worked in criminal justice, law enforcement, or the military within the past 18 months, this online certificate program is designed to help you qualify for managerial or supervisory criminal justice positions. With Kaplan University's Web-based training, you study the foundational knowledge and skills required to become an effective manager or supervisor without interrupting your work schedule or other obligations.

  • Private Security Certificate:- Corporations are continually concerned with loss prevention, risk management, and the safety and security of their businesses and employees. These trends have led to an increasing need for qualified security professionals in a variety of industries. At Kaplan University, you can study to earn a Private Security Certificate while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of online learning. Certification can give you an edge when competing for jobs in private or corporate security and other areas of criminal justice. The Private Security Certificate may help you earn the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certification or qualify for membership in the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).
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