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Digital Arts and Technology Training Online

Our standards are high and the digital arts, new media and technology industries have looked to us for a long time to provide them with well-trained professionals. We can teach you to draw, create websites, create and work with vector and bitmap images, do your own desktop publishing, and model and animate in 3D for film, broadcast and gaming.

Stevens-Henager Online
A graphic arts career mixes an artist's creativity with computer skills and business intelligence. Most companies rely on graphic arts professionals to create communications for their business objectives. Stevens-Henager will prepare you to take your creative talents into the fast paced business world.

Graphic Designers are at the core of advertising, marketing, new products industries, and much more. The look and feel of books, magazines, TV, and newspapers depend on Graphic Designers. They can be involved in fashion, home and business interior design, packaging, and other exciting, cutting-edge fields.

  • Associate of Occupational Studies- Graphic Arts Degree:- From beginners to experienced designers, here is a program that can help you succeed and advance your career in the exciting field of Graphic Arts. You will have opportunities as a Web Page Developer/Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Page Programmer, or Multimedia Designer. Graphic Artists are employed by corporations for web site development and maintenance, in marketing firms, as small business entrepreneurs, in consulting firms, and in various publishing and media companies.
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Kaplan University Online
This program teaches the creation of 3D models, scenes, textures and animations through hands-on exercises and projects. With the skills learned from this program, you could become a texturer or modeler, a light-specialist, an entry-level animator! You could even be a set-designer for a virtual movie or television commercial.
  • AASCIS/Web Development:- The online Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems will give you the advantage you need to attain your professional goals. Our program prepares you with the general education, applied knowledge, and technical skills required for a wide range of entry-level positions. You will gain the skills necessary to install and maintain computer and wireless networks, troubleshoot hardware and software problems, create Java applications, manage databases, and develop Web pages. The emphasis areas allow you to focus on programming, network administration, Java, wireless networking, or Web development.
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  • BSIT/Multimedia and Animation:- You’ll learn how to develop cutting-edge websites that blend interactive media with consumer-targeted information. You’ll also learn animation and producing games and virtual tours.
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  • Internet and Website Development Certificate:- If you want to start a career in website development or advance your current position in the IT field, this program is for you. Credits earned in fulfillment of this certificate are transferable to Kaplan University degree programs. You will gain specialized knowledge of Web development using multimedia, graphics, image, and animation tools. The curriculum also covers the study of e-commerce solutions and networking fundamentals. The program prepares you for the CompTIA i-Net+ certification exam and parts of the World Organization of Webmasters' Certified Professional Webmaster certification.
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The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online
Welcome to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division, the leader in online creative arts education. Offering 16 online degree programs, we're here to help you launch or enhance your creative career. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division is part of The Art Institutes system of schools with more than 40 locations throughout North America.

Associate of Science
  • Graphic Design:- You will be trained in creative problem-solving and learn to offer solutions that are effective in the business world. Emphasis is placed on learning skills and techniques of computer graphics, electronic imaging and production.

  • Web Design and Interactive Media:- This program was created to prepare you for careers involving the Internet with a focus on marketing and design. It integrates the elements of audio, video, still images, animation, text and data for the delivery of interactive content.
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Bachelor of Science
  • Animation & Media Arts:- The Media Arts & Animation program begins with a foundation in drawing, color, character design and computer applications. Under the guidance of an industry-experienced faculty, you'll examine advanced 2-D and 3-D animation principles as well as story development, background design, scenic layout and special effects. You will work with program specific software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Discreet's 3D Studio Max.

  • Game Art & Design:- Gain hands-on design skills You will strengthen your basic art and design skills, and then you'll learn how to design game play and background, create characters and their environments, and apply your knowledge of video and computer games to evaluate game products. You will also learn to plan the game environment and determine choices for characters.

  • Graphic Design:- You will be trained in creative problem solving and learn to offer solutions that are effective in the business world. Emphasis is placed on learning skills and techniques of computer graphics, electronic imaging and production.

  • Interior Design:- In the Interior Design Program, you will study computer-aided drafting and design, 3-D design, space planning, problem solving, and the history of design and architecture. Course work also covers specialty design, including exhibit design, hospitality design, retail store design and corporate design. In addition, you will learn how to communicate your design solutions through a variety of visual media.

  • Photography:- Take your passion for photography and help you transform yourself into the professional photographer. Our Bachelor of Science in Photography courses are designed to provide graduates with skills that are directly applicable to a career in the field. The goal is to provide you with a rigorous study of the elements of image production and manipulation, a wide range of professional camera and lighting equipment and the ability to capture a moment through your lens that evokes a response.

  • Web Design and Interactive Media:- The Bachelor of Science Degree in Web Design & Interactive Media offers a broad range of design and technology competencies focused on career paths in the specialty of multimedia and Web design. These competencies include those related to Web site design, visual design, digital image manipulation, audio, video, animation, text, business and project management.
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Diploma Program
  • Digital Design:- If you want to become a digital specialist, you've come to the right place to get your career off the ground. Through the diploma program in Digital Design, you will learn design fundamentals, lettering and typography, and graphic design.

  • Residential Planning:- The Residential Planning Program covers the basics of interior space planning, making it the perfect choice to quickly apply your skills in the residential planning field. The diploma program in Residential Planning helps to prepare students for growing opportunities in residential planning and sales consultation by providing them with the opportunity to gain drawing, drafting and computer skills.
  • Web Design:- In the Web Design program you'll learn the basics of Web site design, graphics and animation developed specifically for the Internet. You will explore the various site design models used in personal, commercial and government Web sites, and will design Web pages and Web sites utilizing a variety of techniques and software tools.
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