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A Career Diploma is designed to prepare students with career or vocation training that will allow them to take an entry-level position. For those looking for a career education online, this is the place for you. Whatever your career aspirations, you'll find something to interest you with our directory of online career training programs. Career diplomas are formal documents issued by a vocational or technical school. The diploma affirms that the student has successfully completed all course work necessary to receive this type of certification. A typical career diploma is not focused on a broad area of expertise, as is the case with many university degree programs.

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Virginia College Online
Virginia College is a senior college accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools to award certificates, diplomas, associateís, bachelorís, and masterís degrees online. Virginia College offers accredited online college degree programs for today's career-focused individuals. Our online college degree programs are flexible, convenient and designed to help you succeed in your profession. Advance your career or start an exciting new career with an online college degree. We have programs in accounting, business administration, human resources, information technology (IT), paralegal studies, criminal justice, health care and more. Our online college degree programs are designed to prepare you for a new career or for advancement quickly and efficiently, and we offer career placement assistance to help you achieve your goals.

Diploma Program
  • Administrative Assistant:- Picture yourself as a key member of the team in a busy, professional office environment! You can be there...with proper skills training from Virginia College. The Administrative Assistant program prepares you to work in offices and businesses of all sizes and types. Youíll be introduced to basic business principles and office procedures with computer software application skills. Increase your value to employers. Gain the skills you need to succeed.

  • Barber Stylist:- Virginia Collegeís Barber Stylist diploma program offers students the eligibility to take the Board of Barber Examiners licensing examination with a minimum of 1500 hours, which constitutes five continuous quarters of excellent attendance. The program is designed to provide a basic understanding of barbering and prepare the student to successfully pass the barber examination. Subjects and skills will provide an exceptional learning experience that prepares the student with a solid background of practical, hands-on training directly related to the barber industry.

  • Cisco Network Associate:- Cisco Systems is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco's networking solutions connect people, computing devices, and computer networks, allowing people to access or transfer information without regard to differences in time, place, or type of computer system. Virginia College's Cisco Network Associate Diploma Program prepares you for a technical career working with networks and Cisco routers and switches. Itís designed to give you a solid background of practical, hands-on training thatís directly related to design and troubleshooting of network installations. Youíll learn to work with local and wide area networks and to troubleshoot problems in those networks as well as how to operate, install, configure, troubleshoot, upgrade, and maintain microcomputers. And youíll get experience in configuring, subnetting, and troubleshooting Cisco routers and switches...all skills in high demand in todayís high-tech world.

  • Cosmetology:- Now you can prepare for great opportunities in the dynamic field of cosmetology. If you are creative, enjoy working with people, and like working with hair, nails and skincare, you can turn your interests into a rewarding career. Top artists can earn good incomes in beauty-industry careers. You'll learn about: Haircutting and styling, Wigs and hair enhancements, Facials and makeup, Manicure and pedicure, Careers in product marketing and education

  • Culinary Arts:- At Culinard you get: An intensive culinary arts program with no unnecessary, unrelated classes. From day one, you take only those classes you need to be successful in your new culinary career. World-class chef/instructors, internationally recognized for their creative and teaching skills State-of-the-art teaching kitchens, specially designed for this program, modeled on those you will find in your new career Small class sizes for individualized instruction and the most rewarding learning experience Flexible day and night scheduling that may allow you to continue your current job while preparing for your exciting new one Career placement assistance for life Financial aid available for those who qualify Culinard is one of the Southís premier culinary schools with award-winning staff, top-notch facilities, and hundreds of successful graduates. Now you can realize your dream of attending a highly-acclaimed cooking school, get the best training from credentialed chef/instructors, and still begin your new culinary arts career in only 36 weeks! Culinard, the Culinary Institute of Virginia College, makes it all possible. One of the top culinary schools in the country is located right here in your area. You do not have to move away for years in order to live your dream! And the new fast-track 36-month culinary arts immersion program now makes attending a nationally-recognized, accredited culinary school a reality for you. Donít postpone your dream any longer! Classes are forming NOWÖbut this intensive program has limited enrollment each quarter. Donít wait! Talk with an admissions associate today to reserve your slot at Culinard.

  • Medical Assistant:- Medical Assistants perform both administrative and clinical duties, reporting directly to an office manager, physician, or other health practitioner. Your training will focus on examining room procedures, obtaining vital signs and medical histories, performing routine laboratory procedures, sterilizing and maintaining equipment, and the proper techniques for administering medications as directed by the physician. Youíll also learn to handle administrative duties. In addition to training from instructors with real-world experience, you will also complete an externship in a physician's office, clinic or related healthcare facility under the supervision of a physician, nurse, or health services professional.

  • Medical Billing and Coding:- Medical Billing & Coding focuses on the fundamentals of medical office protocol with specialized training in the areas you will need for a job in this growing field. As a Virginia College student, youíll be prepared for entry-level positions in the medical field related to reimbursement procedures. Youíll learn the fundamentals of medical office protocol and get specialized training in Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), International Classification of Diseases (ICD), and Health Care Financing Administration Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS).

  • Pastry Arts:- The exciting new Pastry Arts program at Culinard, the Culinary Institute of Virginia College, provides students a diversified education in pastry preparation while allowing them to fully explore their creative nature. This program offers students a solid background in pastry techniques, plated desserts, and decorative media, as well as sugar and chocolate show pieces, wedding cakes, and more. Students are in the kitchens the very first day of class, gaining hands-on, realistic training. The program follows guidelines prescribed by The American Culinary Federation Accrediting Commission. A hands-on externship under the direct supervision of certified chefs is an integral part of the program.

  • Pharmacy Technician:- Ready for a career where you can make a difference. The Pharmacy Technician program will prepare you for an exciting career, supporting licensed pharmacists by assisting during patient consultation, counter dispensing operations, and prescription preparation. Youíll learn to stock pharmaceutical inventories, maintain and computerize patient medication records, prepare commercially unavailable medications, perform aseptic technique, calculate and prepare IVís for administering to patients, and the proper procedures for hazardous compounding. Your training will include an externship that allows you to work with a licensed pharmacist, actually putting to work what youíve learned in the classroom while gaining valuable on-the-job experience. Give your life new direction today in this exciting program!

  • Practical Nursing:- Practical Nurses work in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Employment prospects are excellent and there are many more opportunities emerging in a variety of diverse locations. More sophisticated procedures that once were performed only in hospitals are now being done in physiciansí offices and clinics. That means employment of Practical Nurses is projected to grow much faster than average as healthcare expands outside the traditional hospital setting. Home healthcare services are also expected to grow faster than average because of the growing number of older persons and technological advances that make it possible to bring increasingly complex treatments into the home. At Virginia College, small class sizes, real-world faculty and the latest equipment insure you get the best preparation for this exciting career field.

  • Surgical Technologist:- As a Surgical Technologist, you will work closely with the surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, and registered nurse to deliver integral patient care during surgery. At Virginia College you'll have the chance to learn the proper application of sterile surgical techniques and state-of-the-art operating room technology so you'll be able to provide optimum care. Classroom theory and laboratory hands-on training are combined with clinical and externship experiences to give you the knowledge and skill you need to be successful in this vital field.

  • Therapeutic Massage:- The Therapeutic Massage program at Virginia College will give you the physical and technical skills that are required by health care and personal service employers in a number of allied massage settings. Youíll learn to perform a variety of massage techniques ranging from relaxation skills and stress management to Swedish massage and neuromuscular therapy. At Virginia Collegeís Center for Therapeutic Massage, youíll prepare to work in such places as rehabilitation clinics, fitness centers, medical offices, hospital departments, salons, chiropractic offices, and sports fitness establishments. You may even choose to open your own massage therapy business.
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