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Forensic Nursing Certificate

Interested in investigative sciences and victim advocacy? Forensic Nursing is one of today's most sought-after careers. Get the training you need to conduct crime scene investigations, give courtroom testimony, and treat assault victims.

Kaplan University - Online
Consider the challenging field of forensic nursing. Forensic nurses may be called to a crime scene or accident to work with detectives, collect evidence, and take tissue and blood samples.

Employment opportunities can be found in medical examiner offices, law enforcement agencies, and specialized hospital units which collect evidence at crime scenes to provide counseling to victims of sexual assaults.

  • Forensic Nursing:- Study to become both crime solver and victim counselor. Focus on how to collect crime scene evidence, give testimony, and support survivors of violent crimes and accidents. Explore opportunities in medical examiners' offices and crime scene units, or consult for hospitals. Kaplan University's programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue employment in their field of study, or in related fields.

  • Forensic Nursing - Accelerated:- Kaplan now offers a Forensic Nursing Accelerated Certificate program. For those that are looking to complete their program in a shorter amount of time, this version will put you on the fast-track for success. This accelerated option can be completed in 4 months.
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