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Nursing and Health care degree programs are designed to prepares students for professional careers in a variety of health care or related health settings. Program addresses the basic body of knowledge relevant to health care services such as management, finance and accounting, legal and ethical parameters, health and disease factors, and human and information resources.

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College America Online
The nursing field is rich with opportunities for people with the right education and skills and the desire to give their very best. This Online nursing degree programs is designed as a degree completion program to enhance career opportunities for practicing Registered Nurses by providing the appropriate knowledge and skills for supervisory positions.
  • BS in Health Science - Online:- The Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science Online program is designed as a degree completion program to enhance career opportunities for health professionals, and focuses on providing health professionals with knowledge in management and organization, ethics and policy issues, and communication, computer, and statistical skills. The program provides for entry-level employment or promotion in many areas of healthcare administration, health communications and relations, community health and long-term care facility administration.

  • MS in Healthcare Administration - Online:- This Online program has been designed with practicing health care professionals in mind. These professionals already hold the clinical experience vital to quality care and, either from choice or necessity, will move into management roles that require advanced business education. The program has been designed to build on prior clinical experience while providing professionals with the management training they need to succeed in their new roles. Your curriculum will cover the most important subject areas, including: Healthcare Information Systems, Healthcare Economics and Policy Analysis, Issues in Managed Care, Healthcare Personnel Administration, Healthcare Finance, Legal Considerations in Healthcare and Healthcare Marketing and Planning.
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Florida Tech University Online
Healthcare is one of todayís fastest growing industries, and itís no surprise. Increased pressure to alleviate rising costs, a growing aging population and complex regulations all add up to soaring demands for a variety of healthcare professionals.
  • Associate of Arts in Healthcare Management:- Florida Techís Associateís degree in Healthcare Management combines valuable health-specific training with proven business management principles. Earn your degree in healthcare management 100% online in less than 20 months! An Associateís degree in Healthcare Management offers countless advantages ranging from increased earnings to improved job stability. Studies prove, associateís degree holders earn more money, enjoy more career opportunities and are less likely to be unemployed compared to those with only a high school diploma.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration With a Specialization in Healthcare Management:- This Bachelorís degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Healthcare Management is unique to Florida Tech and is designed to give you a broad-based business perspective along with a concentration of knowledge in health care management. Whether youíre beginning an administrative position or planning on graduate study, this degree program will arm you with the skills and education expertise necessary to excel and advance your career.
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Berkeley College Online
Established in 1931, Berkeley College is a coeducational college specializing in undergraduate Bachelor's and Associate's degrees in business and a variety of other areas. The Health Services Administration program, with a curriculum grounded in business administration and technology, provides graduates with a clear understanding of the dynamic and rapidly expanding health services industry. Request more information

Colorado Technical University Online
Leaders in health care management use business skills to address challenges unique to the health care field. Graduates of the program can pursue careers as Health and Social Service Managers, Patient Accounts Supervisors, Home Health Care Managers, Health & Safety Managers, Health Information Managers, Health Services Managers, and Mental Health Center Directors.
  • Master of Business Administration - Health Care Management:- Students can earn their MBA in Health Care Management in 15 months*. Plus, they will earn one Professional Certificate along the way without additional course or tuition costs.
    Colorado Tech Online's Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Health Care Management helps students develop the skills they need to coordinate the most effective use of resources while working within the constraints of legal, regulatory, and ethical guidelines. This concentration covers a range of skills relevant to the health care environment, including management concepts and processes, resource allocation, risk assessment, and financing.
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Saint Leo University Online
The program combines a rich mix of traditional coursework and the most current information and best practices in Healthcare Management. Students are provided with an opportunity to learn from highly educated professors and highly credential practitioners currently working in the field of management and healthcare management.
  • MBA Healthcare Administration:- The MBA Healthcare specialization is designed for students interested in management careers with hospitals, federal, state, and county health programs, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare companies, medical laboratories, nursing facilities, surgical facilities, imaging technology facilities, medical billing companies, research facilities, and health education and training companies.
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Health Care Degree Online >> 1, 2, [ 3 ]

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