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Legal Nurse Consulting certificate

The online Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate program could help nurses pursue numerous career growth opportunities.* Registered nurses have options beyond medicine. The combination of health care expertise and legal know-how could help you put your medical knowledge to use in a legal setting. You could assist attorneys and their clients in understudying the health care issues related to medical malpractice and personal injury lawsuits.

Legal nurse consultants may combine legal and medical research, identify standards of care, review medical records, interview witnesses, and support attorneys in all aspects of litigation. Legal nurse consultants use their dual skill set to contribute to malpractice lawsuits, medical insurance claims, and workers' compensation cases.

Kaplan University- Online
If you are interested in the law, legal procedures, and working in legal and health care environments, consider this program. You will learn how to review and analyze medical records, perform medical and legal research, locate and interview expert witnesses, and assist attorneys with pretrial litigation.

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Kaplan University Online

Grand Canyon University Online

Westwood College

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