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MBA in Business Economics

As the global marketplace grows more competitive, businesses with leaders who can make effective decisions and move products to market quickly and efficiently will gain an advantage.

Ashford University Online
Earn the degree you've always wanted at Ashford University. Achieve your goals with the resources you need, including an innovative online classroom and a supportive environment. Your education at Ashford University is a shared experience that unites you with students and faculty around the world. Ashford University is defining the modern college experience.
  • MBA Business Economics:- In a world where even local events have global impact, the study of business economics is crucial for future leaders. With your Business Economics specialization added to your MBA degree earned online from Ashford University, you will develop the skills you need to formulate business strategies to meet the challenge of the markets. Combine major course credits in Business Administration with nine credits in Business Economics for a more specialized degree with added value. The Business Economics specialization reinforces the natural relationship between economics and finance. You will study the economic forces that impact business: unemployment, inflation, and monetary and fiscal policy. Your focused graduate courses combined with the in-depth professional competence you'll gain from the major coursework will earn you an enhanced MBA degree.
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