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MBA with Information Technology Management

MBA in Information Technology enables to understand and evaluate critical technology that impacts business organizations today. If you are interested in a lucrative career in a growing field, consider an online MBA in Information Technology Management. People who choose this specialization are often working IT professionals who want to advance to supervisory or management positions or people with bachelor’s degrees in related fields interested in pursuing senior-level or management careers in Information Technology.

Western Governors University Online
WGU’s online MBA is highly respected among employers—largely because the programs were developed with support and guidance from experts and business leaders serving on our Business Program Council. WGU’s accredited MBA programs are challenging and relevant to the demands of business leaders.
  • MBA in Information Technology Management:- Our online MBA with an IT emphasis will make you incredibly valuable in the Information Technology industry. The MBA in Information Technology Management will prepare you with the skills and knowledge to take on mid- to upper-level IT management positions in a variety of settings. You will become an advanced IT manager with the skills and knowledge to set you above the competition.
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Capella University Online
With the expanded use of information technology in all facets of business, including e-commerce, skilled professionals who possess both information technology and business expertise are in high demand. This Information Technology Management MBA is designed to help you develop the skills you need to leverage information technology to enhance business competitiveness, assess the impact of advances in technology on business, and interact effectively with executive management as a strategic business partner.
  • MS - General Information Technology:- Design a master's degree in Information Technology that meets your professional interests and provides the business knowledge and IT skills needed to make significant, far-reaching contributions to your organization. Choose a broad range of IT electives or focus your study in such areas as information security, networking, project management, health informatics, or enterprise architecture. You will have access to Capella's Virtual Lab Environment, which allows you to develop and test technology projects in an environment that closely mirrors real-life settings.
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Kaplan University- Online
Immerses you in the knowledge necessary to manage technology employees and projects. The focus is on the management, staffing, budgeting, and analysis of technology teams, as well as their role within a corporation. Graduates may explore high-level employment in the IT departments of major companies and government agencies.
  • MS in Information Technology/Business Intelligence:- A master’s degree in information technology can prepare you with the communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and technical competencies to help advance your career. You are taught to evaluate the theory, principles, and practices of information systems; employ project management skills; and analyze data to solve complex problems. You are also taught to apply appropriate technologies in the analysis and design of information systems, as well as assess ethical, legal, and social issues.
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Grand Canyon University Online
MBA in Information Technology enables to understand and evaluate critical technology that impacts business organizations today, focuses on the meaning and role of information technology within a business setting and offers a broad perspective of the relationship between organizational goals, information technology and strategic advantage. The information technology emphasis is comprised of courses such as: IT for strategic advantage, system and network analysis and design, enterprise e-business strategy, and IT project and change management. Request more information

Jones International University Online
As the nation’s first 100% online, accredited university, JIU focuses on the needs of working professionals by using online-developed programs that provide the tools to be successful—without disrupting work or family obligations. If you have a keen interest in information security yet need a comprehensive MBA program to hone your leadership and business management skills, this degree program is for you.
  • MBA in Information Security Management:- Secure a better future. The four ISM courses in our MBA specialization are designed to provide realistic recommendations for improving the information security of an organization. In addition to providing background on the growing need for and issues associated with information security, these courses will help students develop practical information security programs that include the people, process and technology components essential to any effective management program. The courses also provide students with practical experience in risk assessment and management, business continuity planning, and incident response from an information security management perspective.
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