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MBA with Marketing Specialization

A marketing MBA degree teaches you how to understand consumer behavior, develop effective advertising strategies, and communicate with consumers and businesses. Your MBA can lead to executive positions in advertising, public relations, and corporate management.

Ashford University Online
Earn the degree you've always wanted at Ashford University. Achieve your goals with the resources you need, including an innovative online classroom and a supportive environment. Your education at Ashford University is a shared experience that unites you with students and faculty around the world. Ashford University is defining the modern college experience.
  • MBA - Marketing specialization:- Promote yourself and your education. With your Marketing specialization added to your MBA degree earned online from Ashford University, you will discover the strategies used by today's most successful marketing professionals. Combine major course credits in Business Administration with nine credits in Marketing for a more specialized degree with added value. The Marketing specialization puts a twist on your business competency while expanding your experience with branding, research, and consumer behavior. Explore the many ways in which marketing, advertising and corporate communications shape our modern business world. Capture customers' attention, address their needs, and secure their business. Your focused graduate courses combined with the in-depth professional competence you'll gain from the major coursework will earn you an enhanced MBA degree.
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Kaplan University- Online
The Kaplan University MBA is a dynamic 21st-century-driven program that is designed to offer the right balance of theory and practice to help prepare you for advancement in your business career. Through the inclusion of current news events, instructors ensure that the curriculum stays topical, vibrant, and relevant. The objective of the Master of Business Administration program is to help students pursue leadership positions in competitive business environments. The curriculum is designed to address this through a portfolio of practical, resume-building projects that satisfy students' intellectual curiosity as well as help them to build the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to make sound business and management decisions.
  • MBA in Marketing:- Apply marketing research methods and techniques to analyze and implement strategic advertising. Explore how buyer-behavior and consumer protection issues affect marketing strategies. Develop skills required to manage a sales force, with a focus on training, motivation, compensation, and performance evaluation. Analyze factors that affect purchase decisions in the marketplace.
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American InterContinental University Online
Online degree programs from AIU help you acquire industry-current credentials in your field of interest. MBA in Marketing program provide students with relevant, timely coursework that will benefit them in the real world upon graduation. You need the latest technologies at your fingertips when earning your Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing degree online. AIU Online's course delivery system incorporates Flash technology and rich, interactive multimedia.
  • MBA with a concentration in Marketing:- The Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing degree online curriculum adapts to current trends to provide students with relevant, timely coursework that will benefit them in the real world upon graduation. The accelerated program can be completed in as little as 10 months, giving graduates help to advance their career opportunities quickly.

  • MBA with a concentration in Marketing Part Time Option
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