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MBA in Project Management

In the ever changing and complex business world you requires special skills and training. Central to this entire process is the project manager, who must successfully complete tasks on time and within specified budgets. Project management is required in most areas of business, from manufacturing to marketing.

Kaplan University- Online
As the service economy continues to boom, companies are focusing more and more on project-based work. Graduates with skill sets to increase the bottom line via effective project management are a valuable asset.
  • MBA in Project Management:- The objective of the Master of Business in Administration program is to help students pursue leadership positions in competitive business environments.† The curriculum is designed to address this through a portfolio of practical, resume-building projects that satisfy students’ intellectual curiosity as well as help them to build the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to make sound business and management decisions. Beyond these practical skills, the program is also designed to foster thought leadership, innovation, and corporate social responsibility in a global context.
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Capella University- Online
Acquire advanced theoretical and practical knowledge, culminating in a dissertation designed to make a significant contribution to the theory and literature in your field. Experienced advisors and faculty members mentor and guide you through the process of choosing and developing a dissertation topic based on your professional interests.
  • PhD - Project Management:- This business-focused doctoral specialization is designed for project management professionals who are looking for a deeper understanding of how to manage projects throughout an enterprise and want to contribute to their field through doctoral research. In addition to advanced project management course work, the specialization provides a comprehensive overview of key business and organizational topics, including accounting and financial management, marketing strategy, and organizational theory. People who choose this specialization often wish to lead, consult, or teach in the field of project management from a cross-functional, strategic perspective.
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Ashford University Online
Earn the degree you've always wanted at Ashford University. Achieve your goals with the resources you need, including an innovative online classroom and a supportive environment. Your education at Ashford University is a shared experience that unites you with students and faculty around the world. Ashford University is defining the modern college experience.
  • MBA - Project Management specialization:- Create ambitious goals and get results! With your Project Management specialization added to your MBA degree earned online from Ashford University, you will master the discipline of successfully completing the specific objectives of any large endeavor. Combine major course credits in Business Administration with nine credits in Project Management for a more specialized degree with added value. The Project Management specialization builds upon your competency in project planning and risk management while developing a wide range of expertise in procurement, finance, and operations. Your focused graduate courses combined with the in-depth professional competence you'll gain from the major coursework will earn you an enhanced MBA degree.
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National American University Online
MBA in Management prepares students seeking to expand their careers to become high-level or executive managers within an organization, students will gain a solid foundation of both business and management concepts. Graduates can expect to find job opportunities in a broad range in every sector of the economy in organizations as diverse as insurance companies, computer manufacturers, private, non-profit, and government agencies. Request more information

Colorado Technical University - Online
Experience a higher degree of learning; a quality online education that gives you the edge you need to climb to the pinnacle of your profession. The flexibility to study any time, any where Incremental Professional Certificates earned in every degree program. Registered provider of Project Management Institute (PMI ®) course content. Incremental Professional Certificates earned in every degree program...
  • Master of Science in Management - Project Management:- Program content covers key areas contained in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), considered to be the industry standard by the Project Management Institute. Some of these topics include: time and conflict management, HR management, risk analysis and management, scheduling techniques and many others. This curriculum focuses on the importance of leadership as it pertains to the complete spectrum of management responsibilities. You can earn three Professional Certificates as you work toward completing your degree. Earn your Master's Degree in 15 months* at Colorado Tech Online!
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American InterContinental University Online
Top performers in Project Management careers are among the most highly salaried professionals, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Additionally, demand for Project Managers is expected to remain robust through 2012, especially in growth industries such as Computer & Information Systems and Marketing and Human Resources.
  • MBA in Operations Management:- Online MBA Degree Course - Project Management gives students the advanced knowledge, skills and experience-based education necessary to help accelerate their career opportunities. The degree program provides a unique, market-relevant combination of a comprehensive business education with real-world applications. A Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management degree online can be obtained in a relatively short period of time. This accelerated, team-based MBA program can be completed in as little as 10 months.
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