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Nursing and Health Care Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Can Improve Your Nursing Career :- The Bachelor of Science in nursing course is a four year degree provided by accredited schools. This degree helps to learn about the science and nursing principles. A Bachelor of Science in nursing course prepares you to work in a health care administration. In general, Bachelor of Science in nursing is a professional degree which makes you with a strong foundation of humanities and science knowledge. The BSN graduates get an important role in decision making and health status evaluation in health care institutions. Bachelor of Science in nursing courses helps to make you as a professional nurse. This course has included with nursing science, nursing informatics, research and leadership.

This course is used to expand student?s careers. In this course, the students can complete their degree without previous nursing experience. They will get the general education about liberal arts and sciences in first two years. In next two years, they will enroll nursing courses and clinical work. The nursing students will get a practical training during this course. This course gives knowledge in nursing theory.

Importance of RN license Click Here to Read More OR Hide

If one is eligible to become a registered nurse or to get RN license, they should write a license examination after graduating. If they have not RN license, they take the exam of National Council Licensure. RN license is very important to become a registered nurse which is provided by an accredited institution.

This course is a degree program about concepts, theories and knowledge about discipline of nursing, sciences and liberal arts. In these days, there are many hospitals needed a BSN degree graduates. There are many nurses working in a hospital and get their BSN degree for their future. Although you are working in a medical clinic, you can be obtained BSN degree from accredited nursing institutions.

Who can get BSN degree?

If you decide to apply a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you should keep some guidelines. One should have a high school diploma or strong background in mathematics and science. In modern days, there are many universities and institutions accepting students for BSN degree who are interested in becoming a nurse. But some of the institutions will accept students who are registered nurses. Bachelor of Science in nursing programs is prepared by general clinical practitioners and qualified professionals. They give advanced education in nursing informatics. If you need a certification of degree only, you can receive from two year program. You are eligible to write the National Council Licensure Exam when you complete your courses. This course helps to get a graduation degree while you can work in any healthcare industry.

This course makes you with a medical knowledge equal to nurses. If you have a practical knowledge in nursing and are a registered nurse, this degree helps to move your career forwarding. It helps to improve your career options in medical industry. This course is perfect for a person who starts their career in medical industry. These graduates are working under a supervisor and this duration is clinical period.

Online BSN degree courses

There are many nursing schools offered their services in online. There is a wide range of students obtaining degrees through online. Online nursing schools accept candidates only who have completed two years of training in nursing. Online students only need a strong internet connection. Professionals provide their instructions and make seminars through web. You can download your instructions.

You can chat with other students and discuss your issues with classmates in across the country. Online BSN courses provide a wonderful learning experience. One can easily get a BSN degree through online. It is the best way to earn nursing degree and they provide suitable fees, requirements and many more. It provides the fast track learning options. It means that you can get this degree in 3 semesters.

Advantages of BSN degree

The graduates of a Bachelor of Science in nursing can work in traditional medical industries such as,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Psychiatric units,
  • Home care agencies,
  • Nursing homes,
  • Hospitals and
  • Clinics
In modern days, there are many law firms and book publishers needed individuals who have a degree with Bachelor of Science in nursing. They can get many opportunities there such as,
  • Nurse case manager,
  • Clinical audit manager,
  • Nursing staff director,
  • Registered nurse and
  • Nursing program administrator.
Eligibility of BSN courses

People feel that this nursing degree is a prestigious course. There are many nurses who complete Diploma in Nursing can be obtained easily this course. This course includes lab work, clinical practice and academics. Graduates spend their time in clinical practice in their last two years. In the clinical practice, students work under the senior member who experts in the practice. This course is made for not only a holistic approach of nursing but also knowing the concept the nursing.

The medical industry is larger and there is demand for nurses. So, the registered nurses should try to improve their qualifications in this career. Getting a BSN degree is helpful to develop your professional skills and helps to get many specialized roles in this field. If you get a BSN degree, you can obtain a separate place among nurses. It is suitable for people who complete an associate degree, Diploma and a bachelor?s degree.

Responsibilities of BSN graduates

The BSN graduates will get many responsibilities such as,
  • Treating patients,
  • Monitoring the patients and
  • Educating the patients
They should provide emotional support and advice to their patients. They can assist in performing and analyzing test results, making diagnostic tests, managing medications, treatments and operating medical apparatus. Most of the people decide to choose a BSN degree for becoming a senior level nursing. They provide their health care services made with surgeons, health care providers and physicians. The annual salary of registered nurse is ranging from 50,000$ to 70,000$. There are many nursing employees getting educational benefits, bonuses and signing bonuses. Some of the hospitals provide retirement benefits and the benefits are varied depending on the workplace.

BSN degree graduates have many opportunities in the world. This course is used to earn specialized training in nursing. This course contains the following grades,
  • Introduction to Psychology,
  • Microbiology,
  • Human Anatomy,
  • Physiology,
  • Nutrition,
  • Human development and many more.

Nursing and Health Care

Nursing degree programs are designed to prepares students for professional careers in a variety of health care or related health settings. Program addresses the basic body of knowledge relevant to health care services such as management, finance and accounting, legal and ethical parameters, health and disease factors, and human and information resources.

All Nursing Degree Programs List:-

Kaplan University Online
The U.S. Department of Labor projects registered nurses will enjoy the largest number of new jobs for any occupation through 2016.* While a bachelor's degree may qualify you for many nursing positions, some nursing career paths require a master's degree-especially for leadership positions that offer higher income potential. Kaplan University's Master of Science in Nursing allows you to study online and earn the necessary credentials to pursue career advancement in administrative, faculty, or staff development roles.

Master's Nursing Degree Online Programs
  • MS in Nursing/Nurse Administrator:- Focus on the principles of personnel management, policy development and implementation, budgeting,and the use of information technology in advanced nursing roles. Complete a residency program during which you will work closely with an administrator mentor in a selected health care setting. Study to prepare for administrative or managerial positions and leadership roles in hospitals, community centers, and long-term care facilities.

  • MS in Nursing/Nurse Educator:- Focus on developing courses and programs that integrate nursing philosophy. Examine the applications and ethical and legal issues related to the use of technology in teaching. Analyze assessment, measurement, and evaluation methods used in nursing education. Prepare for a faculty or educator role in colleges or schools of nursing, continuing education programs, staff development, clinical education, and patient and community education. Explore strategies for developing effective educational experiences.

  • RN to BS in Nursing:- The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is widely considered a standard requirement for registered nurses (R.N.s) seeking broader professional responsibilities and career opportunities. Kaplan University's degree program offers an accredited, online R.N.-to-B.S.N. degree completion program that centers around health promotion, risk reduction, disease prevention, information and health care technologies, ethics, human diversity, management theory, and health care system and policies. A defining feature of the curriculum is its increased focus on leadership. The program features a capstone course, a requisite clinical course, and a professional development plan. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is regionally accredited by NCA and has interim approval from the Iowa Board of Nursing.

  • RN to MS in Nursing:- If you are an RN and your career goals require earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing AND a Master of Science in Nursing, consider the new RN-to-MS in Nursing option. The RN-to-MS in Nursing option offers associate’s- or diploma-level nurses and nurses with a bachelor’s degree in another field the opportunity to satisfy specific core requirements for Kaplan University’s Master of Science in Nursing program while completing their bachelor’s degree in nursing. Students then have the opportunity to enter Kaplan University’s Master of Science in Nursing program in a condensed format. Students completing this accelerated program will earn their Kaplan University BS in Nursing and MS in Nursing degrees at a faster pace and lower cost than completing each degree separately.

Health Care Pathways
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Western Governors University Online
Western Governors University is an accredited online university offering distance learning and adult education towards an online degree or certification. Enhance your personal status, boost your salary, and increase your job security. You'll learn all aspects of research, theory, technology applied to nursing practice, evidence-based practice, ethics, and new roles for master's prepared nurses.

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Capella University Online
Capella University‘s PhD in Education, Nursing Education specialization, is designed to prepare master‘s-level nurses. The National League for Nursing recognizes that this specialization aligns with the Core Competencies for Nurse Educators©, using competencies that are integral to the Certified Nurse Educator® (CNE) exam. Both online degree incorporate the Essentials of Master‘s Education for Advanced Practice Nursing established by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, with a focus on nursing education. Request more information
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