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Higher Education Earn Higher Income. It is a proven fact that online continuing education is changing the way of thinking we used to with traditional education options that we are always used to.

In today’s world you are able to earn and Online Degree from a Major University without ever having been in one of their classrooms. There are an increasing number of Online Universities and Colleges offering Online Degrees and Certificate Programs.

Looking for information on online degrees?

Just scroll down this page for an alphabetical list of colleges and universities offering online degrees, and the online degree programs offered by each. Then, click on the colleges and universities offering the online degrees of interest to you to request free information.

You will find that associates degrees, bachelors degrees, masters degrees, doctoral degrees, and certificate and certification programs are available in more than 100 fields of study.

What to check after reuquesting free information online :-
As earning an Online Degree is becoming more popular, getting your Online Degree from an accredited Online University or College is extremely important. With so many Degree Mills operating offering Online Degrees and MBA’s in only a few days! You have to check the school’s accreditation and make sure a registered authority approves it.

How tp evaluate the online degree program :
Once you have established a schools accreditation there are still a number of questions you should ask before enrolling, such as:

  • How is the course structured?
  • Are lectures simply presented online as text?
  • Is there Video or Audio to accompany lectures?
  • How are exams taken?
  • How do you hand in assignments?
    The way a course is structured is as important as the content. Interaction between student and tutor should also be active. Online technology allows dynamic interaction, so find a school that takes advantage of it!
  • How do students and tutors interact with each other?
    Online programs should use chat rooms, bulletin boards, instant messaging, and video conferencing to communicate. Find a program that requires this kind of interaction as it, both students and tutors alike will benefit from it.
  • Does the school have online libraries?
    Make sure the school has good online reference materials and texts. Online references are extremely important and should be up-to-date and accessible.

Selected 3 Online Universities

Kaplan University Online

Grand Canyon University Online

Westwood College

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