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Education Instructional Technology

This program is best suited for students wishing to develop their knowledge and skills for using technological tools in teaching and learning practices. This program supports those wishing to work in school districts as software designers/programmers or educators who use computers and software designed for teaching.

Online College of Education Degree Programs

The leader in education programs for working professionals, The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership focuses on helping educators develop as leaders in their learning communities. In January 2008, Walden was ranked for a second time by U.S. News & World Report as having the largest online graduate program in education by enrollment.

Education Specialist (Ed.S.) in Educational Technology  NEW! MAY 2009
  • General:- Whether you are a technology director, instructor, curriculum developer, or consultant, staying current with today’s increased use of technology is a critical component of teaching and learning. The Ed.S. in Educational Technology enables you to support a diverse community of learners by effectively integrating technology. Designed with a strong emphasis on critical thinking, this program can help you develop your abilities in instructional design, facilitate learning in a technology environment, and identify emerging technologies for implementation in a wide array of learning environments.
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Master of Science (M.S.) in Instructional Design and Technology
This online teachers program will teach you to build quality education courses and training experiences. You’ll learn to apply theory, research, creativity, and problem-solving skills to a variety of technology applications in order to improve learning. You will also develop the skills to assess, create, and manage training materials. The combination of these skills will help you to support technology supported training in educational institutions and corporate training classrooms. Through your coursework, you will gain the experience needed to efficiently and effectively use technology and multimedia tools. Request more information

Chapman University College Online
Founded in 1861, Chapman is one of California’s oldest, most prestigious private universities. U.S. News and World Report ranks Chapman a Top School in America’s Best Colleges 2009. A degree or credential from Chapman University College could be your key to increased income, a promotion, more challenging opportunities or even a new career path. A Chapman education is convenient, valuable, affordable and attainable. You’ll learn with other adult students and from quality faculty, leading to a dynamic experience with abundance of networking opportunities.

  • Education, Instructional Technology - MA:- The Master of Arts in Education, Instructional Technology program prepares you to work in school districts as a software designer/programmer or educator who uses computers and software for the purpose of teaching. This emphasis covers the full range of educational applications of computer technology, including computer-assisted instruction, electronic grade books, teacher utilities, networked learning environments, the electronic scholar, lesson authoring and schools of the future.

    Upon completion, you will play an active role in improving schools and other education settings, as well as your community and the lives of students. You will be prepared to work with children, youth and adults of varied cultural backgrounds, economic standards and ability levels.
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