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Obtaining Master's degree is an excellent way of enriching as well as advancing your career in teaching. It helps you in establishing yourself as expert professionals thereby enhancing job opportunities for you. Individuals with Masters Degree will enjoy many other benefits as soon as they get a job.

Advanced teaching degrees assist your students in several ways as you prepare them to become great teachers and ensure that students are gaining maximum knowledge and help from you. Those who possess Masters Degree in teaching will never have to send their kids to costly coaching centers because they can teach their kids on their own. There are many private as well as government schools, colleges, and degree colleges that give their teachers a contract basis option. Under this contract, teachers who posses Bachelors Degree get an opportunity to study Master Degree while continuing teaching in that particular institution only. The institution would provide reimbursement as well as salary hike, once their Masters Degree is done.

This is of special advantage to those teachers who don't have sufficient funds for Masters Degree. Different institutes will have different policies but the aim of all would be to make their teachers get Masters Degree as it is of special benefit to the students as well as for the institute.

For those teachers who already have a Bachelors degree in teaching, doing Masters in Teaching will only enhance their knowledge, job opportunities, and future career prospective. There are institutes that provide Masters Degree in addition to Bachelors Degree. Those who are aspiring to become excellent teachers can get enrolled in such colleges where they can teach Bachelor Degree students and pursue Masters Degree. This means doing two things at a time which in turn means saving time, effort, and money. Usually Masters Degree is a two year course. So when teachers finish their Masters Degree, they'll be having two years of teaching experience as well, isn't it a double bonanza!!!!

Grand Canyon University

Since 1949, Grand Canyon University, a Christian university, has been a premier private university in Arizona, helping students find their purpose and achieve their potential through landing the career of their dreams, advancing their career, and changing careers. GCU also encourages students to find their purpose in Christ, with an emphasis on applying Christian values and ethics to the workplace.

In fall of 2013, GCU will welcome an anticipated 8,500 traditional on-campus and commuter students to our 115-acre Phoenix campus. GCU currently offers 22 NCAA Division II athletic teams. Starting with the 2013/2014 season, Grand Canyon University will begin the process of reclassifying from Division II to Division I as a member of the Western Athletic Conference.

Grand Canyon University stands apart from the other on line education institutions because we are backed by the history of our traditional campus. Our online classes allow you to study at the times that work for your schedule while still enjoying the close connection with your classmates and instructor via online discussions.

At the start of each course, you will enter a tutorial to become familiar with the online structure. In your account, you will have access to everything you need, including your course syllabus, staff information, discussion boards and a digital drop box, where you will submit all of your assignments. To cater diverse needs of students, Grand Canyon University is now offering selected degree programs in an evening format.
  • MA in Teaching - Professional Learning Communities :- (Does not lead to initial teacher licensure) (Evening Format Available)
    The Master of Arts in Teaching with an Emphasis in Professional Learning Communities is designed for licensed teachers who are interested in becoming more valued in their schools for their expertise, such as individuals who wish to become mentor teachers, as well as those who want to become more effective in their own classroom. This PLC degree program stems from a grass roots approach to teaching that involves more collaboration from teachers in the form of learning communities, rather than information disseminating from the principal down to the teachers.

    This program also focuses on the shift in emphasis from teaching to learning and the role of the teacher as designer and facilitator in professional learning communities. Students in the PLC degree program will explore the impact of shared instructional leadership and the importance of collaboration and teamwork, including a focus on making collective decisions and serving as a liaison between the school and community. This program also includes an emphasis on data analysis and data-driven decision making.
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  • MA in Teaching - Teacher Leadership (Does not lead to initial teacher licensure) (Evening Format Available)
    In the master's in teacher leadership program, teachers will gain an understanding of the complexity of being a leader in times of change. Students will also develop a vision of systemic change and how to demonstrate practical skills for ensuring smooth day-to-day operations within their school.

    In addition, this program involves an examination of collegial coaching as a staff development model used to increase student learning, facilitate discussions among colleagues, and build trusting relationships among teachers. Students will reflect on current practices or expand, refine and build new skills by utilizing peer coaching. The interactive process of coaching between teaching professionals to share successful practices, problem-solve and reduce isolation among teachers will be explored. Special emphasis is placed upon peer mentoring and the support of new teachers in their practice.

    Geared toward individuals who are already licensed as teachers, this master's in teacher leadership program does not lead to licensure but may lead to career advancement.
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Ashford University - Online Graduate

Earn the Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree you've always wanted. The Ashford University experience provides: Engaging curricula:- Pursue a course of study that covers the full spectrum of modern knowledge ? from eMarketing and Cognitive Studies to Sustainable Enterprise Management.

Modern digital tools:- Many courses offer ways to study, learn, and share from a suite of digital materials. Plus you can keep in touch with professors and classmates while you?re on-the-go with the Ashford Mobile app.

Vibrant community:- The Ashford student body is a diverse family where everyone is welcome. Students, faculty, and alumni interact and support each other from across the country and the world. Social media allows everyone in the Ashford community to connect and network whenever you wish.

Cherished tradition:- Ashford University is the perfect blend of tradition with 21st century vision. Commencement ceremonies are one important tradition at Ashford, when the campus in Clinton, Iowa welcomes thousands of students from across the country to receive their diplomas in person.

Help define the modern college experience. Join Ashford University. Enroll today.
  • MA/Education - Higher Education
    If you aspire to teach in a college or university, choose the Higher Education specialization as part of your Master of Arts in Education degree earned online from Ashford University. In this specialization, you will understand the relationships between planning and adult learning at the course, program, and institutional levels. The Higher Education specialization explores factors that affect adult learning, and the organizational cultures that promote or inhibit learning. You will examine curriculum, assessment, and student development in the post-secondary environment. If you are committed to a career involving education, this program from Ashford University is for you. Make an impact on our nation?s schools with the expertise that derives from an advanced degree.
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