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Top 10 Masters Degree Online Universities

Western Governors University Online
Western Governors University, we emphasize mastery of essential skills and knowledge instead of accumulating credit hours. It is the only university ever to have received accreditation from four regional accrediting commissions. Request more information

Grand Canyon University Online
Join thousands of online students who are working toward a better future through Grand Canyon University's online programs - from distinctive MBA programs offered through the Ken Blanchard College of Business, to Master's Degrees in Education - we have the degree for you! All of Grand Canyon University's online courses are uniquely tailored to meet your needs. Our programs may be the most student-friendly courses offered by any university. Not only will you'll enjoy doing it! Request more information

National American University Online
As one of the first to offer fully online degree programs since 1996, NAU Online continues to serve students at a global level. National American University Online offers associate, bachelorís and masterís degree programs in accounting, business, information technology, and health care programs. Itís never too late to get your degree. Find out more about how you can change your life. Request more information

Masters Degree Importance

Most studies show that people with advanced degrees earn more on average than people with bachelor's degrees. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, higher learning equals higher earning. Associate degree graduates make an additional $4,294 in wages per year over high school graduates. That annual additional salary grows by $17,287 for a bachelorís degree and $27,856 for a masterís degree.

A college master's degree is worth $1.3 million more in lifetime earnings than a high school diploma, according to a recent report from the Commerce Department's Census Bureau. report reveals that over an adult's working life, high school graduates can expect, on average, to earn $1.2 million; those with a bachelor's degree, $2.1 million; and people with a master's degree, $2.5 million.

Accredited 3 Top American Online Universities

Kaplan University Online

Grand Canyon University Online

Capella University Online

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