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Web Design and Multimedia Degree Importance

Join a Dynamic Industry - Be a Web Page/Site Designer

Opportunities for Multimedia Designers and Desktop Publisher, across all industries, are expected to grow more than 23.2% by 2014, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook 2006-07. This is a faster-than-average rate when compared to other occupations. The Westwood College Web Design and Multimedia Program provides hands-on training and general education courses to help graduates work towards a dynamic multimedia career. Learning how to be a Web page designer is a good place to start.

Potential Multimedia Careers :-

According to The Princeton Review, "Web designers are sought in every field imaginable, from the entertainment industry to the health care industry, because every company that has something to sell or information to disseminate wants to be on the Web." With a good understanding of e-commerce, Westwood graduates could qualify for one of these examples of entry-level jobs as a start toward a multimedia career:

  1. Graphic Artist / Graphic Designer:- A graphic artist or graphic designer applies drawing techniques and computer art to create corporate images, advertising messages, and other support materials in all fields of business. One facet of many graphic design careers may involve designing images for use as logos, packaging, advertising or posters for the promotion or development of goods, services and ideas. They may also design artwork and layout for fabrics, magazines and other publications.

  2. Interface Designer:- Applies detailed knowledge of usability standards, design principles, user needs, and user behavior to ensure that all user interfaces to Web site applications are of high quality, extremely usable, consistent across the site, and effective in e-commerce. Web designers in the user-interface role combine research and analysis, design and specification, and building organizational standards and guidelines.

  3. Multimedia Designer / Multimedia Artist:- Uses 2D and 3D Graphic Design to create characters, adding features such as bone, hair, and skin. Work could also include creating special visual effects, story lines, and incorporating audio and other media. A designer may draw by hand and/or use computers to create the series of pictures that form animated images or special effects seen in movies, television programs, and computer games. Be a Web page designer or start a new career with any one of the variety of multimedia careers.

  4. Production Artist:- A production artist helps develop concepts, character interactions and story line elements once a project has passed the story board phase. As an animator, the production artist focuses on making the story, game, video, or feature entertaining. A production artist can also be instrumental in the production of commercials.

  5. Web Site (Page) Designer:- Creates the look, layout, and overall impact for Web sites and Internet projects using computer art and flash Graphic Design. Web site designers may also write the text that appears on the Web, and must be competent in computer and browser compatibility as they relate to the functionality of the Web site. Many dynamic multimedia careers can start here.
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